Email Marketing
for Shopify
Connect Convead AMI to your Shopify store and let the AI get customer insights and implement an adaptive onboarding strategy for your shop, using emails, live chat, in-app messages, etc.
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Raise conversion
Acquire leads
Reduce cart abandonment
Make upsells
Retain customers
Convead AMI is a one-button solution,
that performs all marketing tasks for you
How does it work?
Convead AMI
analyzes your business trends, implements a custom onboarding plan and improves itself to generate maximum profit

set preferences
monitor and get results
And what will I see inside?
Detailed analytics

Observe your storefront stats. Quickly identify consumer trends. Monitor the AMI’s performance from the user-friendly dashboard. Learn about the traffic sources of your customers and detect the bottlenecks of your sales funnel.
Visitor timeline and communication

Engage with your visitors using in-app live chat messages and emails. View customer on-site activity, segments, tendencies, and interests.
Contacts and segmentation

Analyze your audience by using multiple filters and advanced segmentation. Attend to each of your customers with personalized, automatic messages.
What will my visitors see?
All the content is made by professional copywriters and available in AMI — just press one button and embed Convead AMI into your Shopify store.
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